Adirondack Chairs

Our Adirondack Chairs Can Be Yours! 

Available in these 16 colors

Adirondack_red.jpg Adirondack_white.jpgAdirondack_blue.jpgAdirondack_yellow.jpgAdirondack_SlateGrey.jpgAdirondack_beige.jpgAdirondack_green.jpgAdirondack_black.jpgAdirondack_aqua.pngadirondack_kiwilime.jpgAdirondack_SkyBlue.jpgAdirondack_fuschia.pngAdirondack_orange.jpgAdirondack_cedar.jpgAdirondack_LimeGreen.jpgAdirondack_chocolate.jpg

Made in North America of Recycled Plastic

These are the ultimate maintenance free Adirondack chairs in classic or the new upright style (easier to get up out of). 
Order by phone or stop by our store. 
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MSRP $399 Our price $359.99    SALE: $299.99
*Taxes, assembly and delivery may be applicable. 

• Maintenance free
• Environmentally friendly
• Waterproof - no storage required
• Strong and durable
• No painting or staining - the color is permanent
• No splinters
• Unaffected by insects or weather - will not rot
• Sturdy and substantial - will not blow away

Accessory tables and footstools available in all 16 chair colors, ask us for details.

Chair Dimensions
• Length 35" x Width 32" x Height 40"
• Weight 60 lbs.

Why Do We Love These Chairs? Well, Let Us Tell You!

logo_orange_300dpi.jpg Our logo at Cottage Connection is two Adirondack chairs side by side. The color of the chairs has changed over the years we have been in business, but the chairs still signal ‘vacation time’ to us! If you could only use one picture to be the embodiment of vacation that picture will have water, trees, sunshine and Adirondacks.
We knew we wanted to offer the cottage owners in our program Adirondack chairs to use for their own properties. It was important to us that they be high quality at a good value and low maintenance. It took us a really long time to find what we wanted. For the past nine years we have been proud to offer these amazing chairs. Our pricing is always below retail and we can drop ship these chairs anywhere in the United States right to your door. Take a look, give us a call, ask us question, shop around, you will discover what we have. These are the best Adirondack chairs at the best price. To sweeten the deal, they are made from recycled plastic right here in North America! adirondackchairs_woods.jpg
adirondackchairs_float.jpg We found a manufacturer who believes the same things we believe who started manufacturing recycled plastic furniture in an effort to divert used plastic away from landfills, and limit unnecessary felling of trees. Their goal is to make products that would provide the look and warmth of wood, without the typical shortcomings associated with maintaining wood furniture. The proprietary extrusion process discovered, improved & customized by this company, produces a unique plastic lumber that won’t mold, rot, splint or crack. The process creates a superior fit and finish, including a beautiful textured-look similar to the grain of wood, and smooth rounded edges for enhanced comfort. With an added automotive-grade, UV stabilizer, each piece is guaranteed to maintain its beautiful bright color for years, without the need of staining or painting.
Since perfecting the durability and comfort of their flagship Adirondack chair, they have added a line of lounge chairs and benches, dining and casual tables as well as a variety of accessories to complement their collections. In their pursuit toward groundbreaking innovation and design, they continues to advance their extrusion process even further. adirondackchairs_dog_float.jpg