Planning a Fall Road Trip Through Mid-Coast Maine

Fall the most colorful time of the year, especially in New England.  Looking for a weekend road trip?  Why not consider a drive along the coast of Maine and a little inland to enjoy the Fall breezes, apple picking and the beauty of the trees putting on their Fall colors in all shades of red, orange, yellow, purple and browns.  Truly breath-taking. 

 Fall in Midcoast Maine

Begin your trip on Friday with a trip up to Midcoast Maine to spend the night.  We suggest contacting Cottage Connection (800-823-9501) for help in finding the perfect getaway spot to enjoy Fall in Maine. 
After checking into your accommodation, grab dinner at any one of the local restaurants, In the Boothbay Region some have music on Friday and Saturday nights.   Tuck into bed for a good night's sleep.  Fall asleep to the sound of the ocean or the quiet of a country house.  Wake refreshed and ready to explore. 

Saturday: We suggest you begin your exploration of the Boothbay Region, drive along Route 96 to the ocean and along the side of the Atlantic viewing islands and lighthouses and perhaps some sailing vessels or ships.  (Most boats are being hauled out and tucked away for the winter).  You may see them on cradles and lifts as you drive around.  Enjoy lunch at Kaler's downtown Boothbay Harbor, Fisherman’s, Tugboat or any other of the great spots to eat. 


After Lunch:  From the Boothbay Region head out towards Jefferson and Damariscotta Lake to enjoy the view of Fall color and perhaps catch sight of a deer or moose.  Continue around the lake or a little further North to enjoy the fall foliage. There are several spots to pull over and enjoy a panoramic view of the lake, hills and beautiful color in trees.  
Return to your Accommodation for a second night of rest and relaxation.  Perhaps enjoy walking around whatever town you are near and peaking into the shops to see some great items and art that are from right here in Maine.  Try one of the local Craft Beers at one of the restaurants. 

Sunday: Wake up and prepare for your trip back home.  Have a hearty breakfast and get yourself out to Route 1 South.  After driving through or perhaps stopping in Wiscasset (the Prettiest Little Town in Maine), continue over the Bath Bridge noting Bath Iron Works on your left.  Bath is home to Maine Maritime Museum, well worth the stop.   From Bath continue on Route 1 through Brunswick home of Bowdoin College and the Harriet Beecher Stowe House among other famous houses/museums.  There are many great restaurants here if you are ready for lunch. If not, then continue on to Portland, a great Foodie location, for lunch.  You may also wander through the quaint shops in the Old Port section, visit Maine’s Narrow Gauge Train Museum, the Victoria, or the Art Museum. 
After leaving Portland, continue South, stopping in Kennebunkport to view the Bush Compound and a beautiful little church nearby.  Continue through Kennebunk (perhaps stop and explore the shops).  Finish your weekend at York, with a visit to view Nubble Lighthouse and a stop at the Goldenrod to pick up some Maine salt water taffy and fudge.  A visit to historic York Center to learn about the early history of Maine. 
If time permits a stop in Kittery (more outlets) home to the Portsmouth Navy Yard, Fort McCleary built over 275 years ago,( open for exploring) with views of Portsmouth Harbor and two lighthouses as well as  two more forts that guarded the entrance to the harbor - Fort Foster (1872) and Fort Constitution(c1692).  These three forts played an important part in our early history and even during World War II. 
Hope you enjoyed your weekend trip through Coastal Maine for Fall Foliage and please come visit again when you can stay longer. 


Spend "A Night at the Museum" in Wiscasset!

"A Night at the Museum" is a trilogy of fantasy-comedy movies beginning in 2006 and that struck a chord with the movie-going public. The original cast included the late Robin Williams and Ben Stiller, to name a few.

The concept behind the movie is intriguing; staying overnight at the American Museum of Natural History and in that tale the fantasy begins. But the reason the movie is so captivating is that museums are about history and real-life articles from history. When I recently visited a Titanic Museum I sat and stared at several real-life artifacts from that exhibit and like so many around me closed my eyes and tried to imagine that I was standing within inches of history!

The historic Nickels Sortwell house (once a mansion and a hotel) is doing something that not many museums do by allowing guests to stay overnight, in a designated area of the house. For a limited time, it's being offered as a vacation rental through Cottage Connections of Maine (one of the oldest and most respected vacation rental companies in mid-coast Maine – 25 years in business).

I'd recommend that during the day you take the guided tour of this landmark (built in 1807). The museum is filled with furniture, pictures, books, and pieces dating back to the early 1800's and 1900's. Did you know that the cost of wood was so high back in those days that servants were instructed, in the event of a fire, to take apart and remove the furniture first! You will also see the original fire buckets on the walls that would be passed by a brigade line to battle flames.

Wiscasset was a busy port back in the day and Captain Nickels built this Manson to be where the action was and oversee his many ships. In the mid-1800s the building was purchased and turned into a hotel for over a quarter-century and then it was purchased by the Sortwell family who called it home.

After taking the tour, hearing the history and exploring the town you will retire and close your eyes and no doubt imagine that you are spending a special night in a place preserved and celebrated because of its place in history. Like the movie, and as I did when I stayed there, you will begin your own journey into all the things that occurred in this magnificent place and think "if these walls had ears"!

My name is Richard Evans and I work with Cottage Connection. Growing up in another historical place on Long Island, New York named Oyster Bay I befriended a young lad when I was in 3rd grade, whose father was the caretaker of Sagamore Hill in New York (the home of Teddy Roosevelt) and we played after hours there and even had a sleep in! As a 3rd grader, it was lost on me then. But it is something that 50 years later I still think about today.

Don't let this opportunity pass you by! It isn't often that you have the opportunity to "Spend a Night at the Museum". Go to and at the prompt labeled "Looking for a specific home" scroll down and find Historic Nickels-Sortwell House.

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Why Professional, Locally Managed Vacation Rental Companies Should Be Considered First

Out of all the worries that come with planning a vacation, the choice of accommodation probably tops the list. This may be especially true if you are traveling to a new or unfamiliar destination. With so many different accommodation options  offered worldwide, one may ask, “why choose a vacation home that is managed by a locally based professional company?”  Let’s take a moment to dig a bit deeper into #RealMaineVacation and why local VR management companies are now  stepping out into the spotlight- eager to distinguish themselves from all others types of lodging.

 A locally owned, professional vacation rental management company, such as Cottage Connection of Maine, Inc, provides you with a chance to relax and reconnect with family and friends in a safe, clean home that has the space to cook your own meals, entertain others and even sleep-in if you choose. No need to leave so housekeeping can clean your room. Simply put, when you rent a VR property from a local company, it’s your vacation on your schedule AND MUCH MORE. have a new friend; one that lives in your chosen destination and cares about your time there. 

Consider a locally owned vacation rental company in your destination of choice and preferably choose one that has been around for a while. Local companies in Maine are staffed by real people who live, work and play year-round in the area you are visiting. They are friendly and professional and EAGER TO HELP YOU.  In a day and age where technology is often used under the guise of convenience, #RealMaineVacation companies pride themselves on maintaining a -real- human experience from the first point of contact until the end of your stay. Local companies connect guests with the appropriate information they need and THE IMPARTIAL and TRUTHFUL insights they want. THEY not only manage properties and take reservations they help maximize your experience and time constraints.  Working with the local Chambers of Commerce, THEY are also representatives of their respective regions- offering recommendations for things to do, places to eat, and directing guests to local activities, historical sites and so much more. Local staff can provide third-party verification that the property does indeed exist and is as portrayed on their website or in their catalog.  These companies are the backbone of #RealMaineVacation.

Vacation Rental property choices in Maine include cottages on the ocean or on lakes, or in the woods, condos, apartments, seasonal holiday homes, luxury year-round homes and more, depending upon your budget and location of choice. Also, you can choose such accommodation based on your individual needs - accessibility, connectivity, transportation, location, amenities, etc. Features such as a private dock & float and permission to bring your pets may also prove handy in making the right choice.

Remember, vacations are special, so why not opt for something that can offer you a perfect balance between relaxation, adventure and education? Get ready to immerse yourself in a “real Maine” experience like never before by choosing help from a local Maine company. After all, they are part of a Maine tradition.  #RealMaineVacation

For More Information contact:  [email protected] or Audrey Miller or Melba Gunnison at Cottage Connection of Maine, Inc.  800-823-9501