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The Boothbay Peninsula

The Boothbay Peninsula is a beautiful section of mid-coast Maine with a rich history in the Maritimes, fishing and hospitality. There are several villages that make up the Boothbay area, each with its own personality and beauty. We hope you will enjoy getting to know our wonderful area and that you will come back to explore year after year in one of our Boothbay Harbor vacation rentals!

Boothbay Harbor Maine

The heart of the peninsula, the harbor is where it all happens. From excellent pubs and restaurants to chartered tours and one of kind artisanal shops, you will enjoy the hustle and bustle of this quaint harbor.


Incorporated in 1764 the Town of Boothbay has a history dating back to the Pilgrims of the 1600’s. Boothbay residents worked the sea, fishing, ship building and farming. From this rich past has grown a flourishing community.


Cape Newagen, at the southern tip of the island, was an early European fishing outpost. Southport was part of Boothbay until it separated on February 12, 1842 originally called Townshend after Lord Townshend, the name was changed to Southport in 1850. Home to the Southport General Store and the Southport Memorial Library it also boast a sweet little sandy beach called Hendrick’s Head.

East Boothbay

East Boothbay is widely-known throughout the world’s boat building communities. Our boat builders practice this age-old craft to this day. The Ocean Point area of East Boothbay offers excellent rocky Maine coastline for walking, tide pool exploration and the perfect vantage point for taking in the islands, lighthouses, boat traffic, sea birds and salt air. One of the Boothbay Region Land Trust properties can be explored as well.