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Raccoon & Bear Proof Trash Can

"We have had two of your bins for a couple of years now and they have been brilliant. No little or big creatures have managed to get into them. Thanks again!" - S.H, Florida - A satisfied customer, ordering 2 more cans!

Features Of The Cottage Can, 30 Gallon Container

Cottage Can 30 Gallon Container

1. Unique Screw Top Lid.

The Cottage Can screw top lid provides a secure, airtight seal. The screw top closure prevents raccoons, bears, and other critters from getting into your trash or animal food.

2. Inside Cover Gasket Eliminates Odor.

The Cottage Can screw top lid has an inside gasket that keeps odor from escaping and an air-tight seal. Yes, we have said this twice.

3. Sturdy Metal Handles

Sturdy metal handles provide easy moving, lifting and handling when emptying the Cottage Can clean and safe.

4. Heavy Duty, Blown-molded HDPE.

This is NO ordinary 30 gallon can, so do not be fooled. This container is specially made to high Standards, which means reinforced Top, bottom, and sidewalls. It may look like a common container but this Container will outperform all the rest. Tested and approved!

5. Resistant to Below Zero Temps, Impacts, Fading

This high-density polyethylene construction is designed for superior strength. It is highly durable and impact resistant. This can doesn't crack or fade in below zero temperatures and has a UV protected coating that won't discolor or fade with sunlight exposure.

*NOW $149.95 Plus Maine State Sales Tax (5.5%) and Shipping.
To Order: 1-800-823-9501

Shipping: For those that need to be shipped, the handles will need to be put on the Can. We have a kit with instructions that come with the Can. This hardware kit contains 3 handles. Two handles are placed on top of the container and the additional one handle is placed on the bottom lower side of the Container for lifting and carrying. Also use these handles as a means of securing the the cans to a stake in the ground.)