East Boothbay and Ocean Point

East Boothbay is a seaside village dominated by the water- Linekin Bay, the Mill Pond and the Damariscotta River. In times past it was a carrying place for boats heading in and out of the Damariscotta, wanting to avoid the long trip around Ocean Point. Grimes Cove -Is a favorite place of locals and visitors alike. This sheltered cove at the tip of Ocean Point has a coarse sand beach that is exposed at half tide. Here, people and their dogs swim and poke around the seaweed, catch some sun, or explore the ledges and tidal pools. It is common to see kayakers and divers setting out from Grimes Cove. Ocean Point, established in 1876 and continues to be a welcome retreat from the noise and stress of everyday life and is bounded by Linekin Bay, the Damariscotta River, and the Atlantic Ocean. From almost everywhere along the shore are sweeping views of islands and lighthouses.