Terms and Conditions


a.) SHORT-TERM TRANSIENT OCCUPANCY AGREEMENT: Once you have booked a cottage, you will receive a Confirmation E-mail with a link to your customized e-Signature Short-Term Transient Guest Occupancy Agreement. To finalize your reservation, you must read and initial each page, and complete any and all applicable sections therein within 5 days of making your reservation. Once completed, you will receive an instant confirmation of receipt of your signed contract as well as the Cottage Guide which includes Check-In/Out instructions, driving directions to the property, WiFi username and password (i/a) and more.

b.) RESERVATION CONFIRMATION: All reservations will be confirmed by phone with one of our Reservation Agents, even if booked online. Should our agent determine the chosen property does not and cannot meet your requirements or requests, said agent may have you select an alternate property. If no other property is available, your monies will be refunded less the Processing Fee.

c.) CHECK-IN: Starts at 4:00 PM on arrival day. If you will be arriving after 6:00 PM, please inform our office as soon as possible so our After-Hours staff knows not to expect you until late. If you are checking-in directly at the property, we require the guest to call our Check-In Phone Line upon arrival.CHECK-OUT: No later than 10:00 AM on departure day. You will be asked to either return the cottage key to its Lock Box at the property. More house-specific detailed instructions are included in the Welcome Cottage Guide sent to guests after completing their Occupancy agreement. This guide includes driving Directions, as well as House Rules, Local Emergency Contact Info, Lock Box Code, Wifi Info, Local Area suggestions and more.

d.) TRASH REMOVAL: For cottages with scheduled weekly trash pick up, all trash must be out in barrels no later than 8:00 AM on the designated Trash Days. More detailed instructions included in your Guest Welcome Guide. Please remember to take care of and respect the Property as if it were your own.

e.) FINAL CONFIRMATION: After signing the rental agreement, you will receive an Arrival Newsletter & Final Confirmation email. This will include another link to the appropriate Cottage Guide.

f.) PETS: Many of our properties accept pets WITH PERMISSION from CCM and the Property Owner, some properties DO NOT. If pets are permitted in a Property, it will be noted on the Property’s website page. Pets are not allowed on the Property unless approval is received during the reservation process, our Pet Policy instructions are fully-complete and 3 a non-refundable fee is paid as part of the reservation cost. For insurance purposes, some breeds are not permitted. We require the age and breed of your pets and THE veterinarian’s contact as part of the Pet Policy section of the Short-Term Transient Occupancy Agreement. Service and assistance animals are not considered pets.

g.) SMOKING/FIRE/FIREWORKS: NO SMOKING ALLOWED INSIDE ANY PROPERTY MANAGED BY CCM, INC. If evidence of smoking is found, it will result in a cleaning fee and possible eviction without refund. Use of Fireworks will result in termination of your Occupancy Agreement without refund.

h.) OCCUPANCY STANDARDS: All CCM rental properties have maximum occupancy limits as specified on the Property Web page and in the Occupancy Agreement which must be strictly adhered to. Any violation of these limits will be grounds for eviction without refund. Many cottages and homes in Maine are on delicate septic systems (not public sewer) and as such have limits on what they can handle. There are to be no parties or gatherings of more people than the occupancy limit at any time without prior Owner/CCM approval.

i.) PAYMENTS: In all cases occupancy costs must be paid within 30 days of reservation date, or 50% at the time of booking and 50% final payment no later than 30 days after booking with the exception of those arriving within 90 days who must make payment in full at the time of booking. Any returned checks will be subject to a fee. Interest accrued on monies in bank accounts will accrue to CCM. We do not take American Express.

14. CANCELLATION POLICY: Cancellation Policy | All cancellations by Guest(s) must be made in writing (with email being acceptable) and received and acknowledged by CCM. Guest(s) understands and agrees that they have removed this property from the market. For this reason, CCM utilizes a tiered cancellation fee system, as follows;

• If a guest cancels 271 days or more prior to arrival, there is a cancellation fee of 25% of the total price, OR
• If a guest cancels 91-270 days prior to arrival, there is a cancellation fee of 50% of the total, OR
• If a guest cancels 31-90 days prior to arrival, there is cancellation fee of 75% of the total price, OR
• If a guest cancels 30 days or less prior to arrival, there is a cancellation fee of 100% of the total price.
• In the event of government mandated shutdown or other catastrophic events that prevent guests from entering the state, there will be a cancellation fee of 25%.

* These amounts shall be reduced only in the event that CCM is able to find another Guest(s) called a “Replacement Guest” to occupy this full term at full price. If CCM is able to collect the full price including all taxes and fees, CCM will refund all amounts paid by Guest(s) less the cancellation fee of 25% of the total price.

No refunds will be honored until after the departure date of original reservation. This cancellation policy is strictly adhered to. Guest(s) are encouraged to purchase travel insurance that will cover Guest(s) in certain situations as set forth in the policies available. We do offer Insurance for this reason or Guest(s) can find their own insurance searching for the term, “Vacation Insurance”. However, under no circumstances does this limit the Owners right to give Guest(s) notice as permitted by law (See Section 5 Occupancy/Occupancy Delays). Guest(s) recognizes that they are purchasing a specific period of time at the Property, that the season is short, and that they are fully obligated to pay for this time.

k.) PROPERTIES FOR SALE: If a property is For Sale at the time a rental reservation is made, a real estate broker will be allowed to show the property with 24-hour notice to the guest. If you would prefer not to have this kind of experience during your stay, please select a property that is not for sale; we will gladly help you find an alternative property.

Renter agrees and confirms that they have read the Terms and Conditions and FAQS sections of our Cottage Connection website prior to arrival.