Top 5 Questions From Prospective Owners

Since 1993, we’ve been unlocking the joys of vacation rentals for countless homeowners. Along the way, we’ve heard countless questions – some funny, some insightful, all valid!

So, to save you time spent searching and us from hearing the same “what ifs,” we’re spilling the tea (or should we say, coastal cocktail?) on the Top 5 Questions from Prospective Owners!

How much experience do you have managing vacation rentals in my area?
Cottage Connection was founded in 1993 by Audrey and Jeff Miller, who lead our company daily! Their daughter Alexis joined the team full-time in 2021 (though she’s worked in the business her whole life!) Combined, the three of them have over 65 years of full-time experience managing vacation rentals in Midcoast Maine, and over 130 years of combined experience in the hospitality and tourism industries in their lifetimes!

What sets you apart from other vacation rental management companies in the area?
We are the oldest and most established company doing solely vacation rentals in our area. As a result, we have decades of local knowledge, market knowledge, and historical data to help us make informed decisions for our homeowners, our guests, and our community. This is important to us because this isn’t just our business – Boothbay is our home! We care about our Midcoast communities because they’re our communities. We care about our homeowners, our guests, our neighbors. We love this amazing place, and we want to help people connect by experiencing its magic. In short, we’re real people, we’re local people, and we care!

Do you offer additional services like concierge, housekeeping, or linen cleaning?
We do! Our team includes housekeeping and linens (where applicable) in each guest reservation at no cost to the homeowner. We are also happy to provide homeowners with housekeeping and linen services with advance notice!

How do you handle marketing and booking, and what fees do you charge me?
Our website is our major marketing tool for your home – over 98% of our traffic and inquiries happen via the website. Our website receives lots of traffic because we have been in business for many years and we have a large group of repeat guests. Guests can book online or over the phone with our team – either way, we make a point to call each inquiry and follow up! In addition, we also utilize email, print, digital, and social media marketing for a mix of more general marketing, and marketing tailored to your home. We also, on occasion, list homes on Online Travel Agencies, but our guests know that booking directly will always be the most efficient and cost-effective way to make a reservation! As for fees, we take a percentage of the rental rate in commission from each reservation.

I want to learn more — who do I contact?
You can give us a call at 207-633-6545, or fill out the contact form below and our team will contact you!

Want to delve deeper? Head over to our Owner FAQ for answers to even more questions, and get in touch with us to learn even more!